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Friday, February 2, 2018

Sing out with us!

Death of Glitter has done some wild shows, but this might be our most ambitious idea yet! We are proud to present a drag tribute to the 1970s cult-classic film "Harold and Maude"!

A shadow cast will perform selected scenes, each followed by drag/cabaret performances that interpret the theme of the previous scene. There is limited seating at the show, it will be standing room only, and this will sell out! Get there early because we are only selling tickets at the door! (that way we can give more money to the charity and our large cast of hard-working performers!!)

Directed by Delta Flyer
Featuring: Prince Peanut Butter as Harold, Clare Apparently as Maude, Mars as Mrs. Chasen, BeElzzaBub Doll as the Motorcycle Cop and Uncle Victor, Max Little as the Priest, Delta Flyer as Candy Gulf, Tristan the Human Prop as the Dead Guy, and Marla Darling as Sunshine Doré!

Performances by: Carina Borealis, Max Little, Dahlia Kash, Iris & Ms. Resistance, Holladay Hautecake, BeElzzabub Doll, Marla Darling, Phallus Johnson, Delta Flyer, and Bella with Xerrah!

 $10-15 sliding scale for this massive, jam-packed show

🌻 A portion of proceeds will go to the Cascade AIDS project, as a thank you to Colin Higgins, who wrote Harold and Maude, and passed away from the disease. 🌻


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